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I Love to...Friends I Love to Keep
Wade Hudson

In this engaging, multicultural series, see, feel and explore the world Illustrated by Laura Freeman of irresistible youngsters from different cultural backgrounds as they share people, places and things that are important to them. Friends can be our next door neighbors, classmates, or someone new in the community. They can be introduced to us through books, social gatherings or by other friends. A friend is a person whose company we enjoy. Read along and recognize Friends I Love to Keep!

How to Become a PUBLICITY MAGNET: In Any Market via TV, Radio & Print
Havilah Malone

Do you have a message, product or service that you believe in? Do you want to share it with the world, yet feel stuck in knowing how to make it happen? If so, then read on. This highly effective book gives you everything you need to know to radiate your presence, magnify your voice and attract the media’s attention so that you can exponentially grow your business and truly make a difference in the lives of other people. Known as "The Next Oprah Winfrey" by her peers, television host and business strategist Havilah Malone shares with you years of experience in the broadcast media industry while helping you to conquer limiting beliefs, master emotions, amplify your wins and create the empowering mindset necessary for you to get seen in the public eye. You will receive clever strategies and cutting-edge insights into the media mind that will help you to publicly make a greater impact while accomplishing your own goals and objectives. Get started now! Build your legacy, become a Publicity Magnet and live the life of your dreams.

The Adventures of Hopper: Hopper's Hurricane Adventure (Hopper's Hurricane Adven
Kenneth R Bibbins

The Adventures of Hopper book series is aimed at kids 5-9 years old to teach them how to be safe and respond in disasters, emergencies, and hazards. With the increase in frequency of natural and man-made disasters it is imperative that young kids know how to be safe. Typically, kids are not with their parents or caregiver when emergencies and disasters strike, so to be safe and to reduce the trauma they sometimes experience evidence suggest parents should not wait until an event occur to teach their children about these types of events. The Adventures of Hopper book series takes kids on an easy to read and easy to understand series of events based on real life scenarios that age-appropriately teach them how to respond and to be safe in events such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires and many more events. Many people have developed preparedness materials before, but not like this…Don’t let one disaster lead to another...Live Prepared!